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Sunset from a roadhouse on the way to Baxter Friday morning... bus one runs out of diesel. We hang round while bus three drives off to buy more. Mark at a meeting. Legal observing ;-) Dude rocked up on a touring bike to stay with us. Impressive amount of gear on his bike. The sign on the back says "I just reckon it's wrong". The plainclothes cop from Perth as he got hounded out of camp. He went to school with someone who was with us... Sunrise over the camp. The second police roadblock. A "grave" by the medic tent. T shirts I printed being used as face-masks. Outside the main gates. Indymedia tent. The pink lakes at Port Augusta. Your ABC Most of our bus drivers. They rock! Louise needs to know which teen rock band she should be following this week. Who's roadhouse? Our roadhouse... three busloads of activists pile into a Port Augusta roadhouse for a shower and a meal.

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