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Walking down to the detention center as the sun sets behind us. The centre at night. Making noise... Medic talking to Legal after being denied access to protestors behind the camp. People trooping back around the front. I was amazed at how easy it was to take photos just with the light thrown by the centre. That's Steph from Food not Bombs. Also note my flash reflecting off dust in the air to give those blurry things on the picture. Holding the fence up... "close baxter". Baxter detention centre at night. Walking alone the pipeline down to the main gates. The pipe! Always the pipe! We walked on it, stood on on, fled over it and painted slogans on it. An arrest. A vigil outside the gates. Another arrest. This woman followed the previous arrest through the fence. Not sure why, but she wanted to get arrested... Getting chased back up the road from the main gates to, well, just "away". Flares. And the moon. Very pretty.

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