Bindi Writes

written for my CANC2 family, August 2000

We are many, we are one
We are travellin’ in the sun
Soaked in the spirit of this land
Between our hopes and fears and doubts
We wonder what’s it all about
Some things take time to understand

So keep on pedalling my friends
For though this journey has to end
A thousand brand new journeys will begin
Don’t be afraid to shine your light
You’ve made my everyday so bright
And I hope to meet you on the road again

Our days are full up to the brim
Oh, will we sink or will we swim?
But we keep on swimming for that shore
Now it’s in our field of view
We see it’s time for something new
And we ain’t the same as we were before


This travellin’ community
We’ve struggled with diversity
None here could fill an empty mould
We’ve pushed our bodies, stretched our minds
And shared our message far and wide
Felt nature’s mysteries unfold