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Charlotte's CANC 2 writings

Joining the ride at Karijini was the perfect place for me to begin an adventure. from there to Perth there were no complicated corners and down hill all the way. the only drawbacks were that I'd had absolutely no chance to practise peddling and I'd never ridden further than a couple of ks at a time in my life!

due to this drawback, keeping up with the strong legged crew was my biggest challenge. I've never found a better incentive for getting up early. The looming possibility that I could be straggling in the darkness at the end of the day whilst everyone was pulling out their sleeping mats around the fire is quite a motivator.

I did ok though. my bum hurt. I got angry at wind. my legs refused to spin any faster. all those things that are easy to forget when it's over.

I'll tell you some of the reasons why the ride rocked.

I have come to think that empowerment is one of the fundamentals that our crazy world is missing. and if there is any way to encourage people to take control of their lives- then we need to spread it around like vegimite all over this planet. Riding a bike for a bloody long distance is a way of demonstrating to yourself and to others what individuals are capable of. and what happens when those individuals can achieve when they pull together. The nuclear industry is definitely stoppable- and I think we carried that message well. But I wonder what other sparks we may have ignited along the way- what other battles we might have begun.

I also loved being able to spend so much time in the elements. sleeping under the stars. cooking on the fire. swimming in real water. you know what I mean- it's not particularly explainable.

We also rocked because we tried to deal with issues. I shall say no more.

Moz asked me to mention the Premier thing too. All that really needs to be said is that in all my time of activism I have spent much time rubbing away my fear of people with power. I think it's so important to see them just as people- ones that need to hear the truth, and I totally believe that we are the ones who are on the right path. It's important to remember what life is like for them in their glass towers. Most politicians have never had the life experiences that we dedicate so much time to. when do they get to sleep next to the fire or spend a week in the bush? The way I see it is that we have a wisdom that they should want to tap into- and we'll just keep on reminding them until the right people take over their jobs. who knows.....maybe that will be us!!!