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Brief Itinerary

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Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle 2 will cycle from Darwin/Jabiluka to Perth visiting sites relevant to the nuclear cycle and meet with Aboriginal and other community groups to: 
  1.  raise awareness of nuclear issues and; 
  2. exchange information with local communities about previous and prospective experiences with the nuclear industry and its impacts and; 
  3. promote cycling and alternative energy issues. 
We aim to:
  • promote anti uranium as our primary message;
  • exchange information with local communities;
  • have a positive, not negative message;
  • promote cycling and alternative energy as our secondary;
  • not have too many issues;
  • have fun;
map of proposed route
Brief Itinerary
Dates Days Section Distance
June 5 June 19 14 Jabiluka to Kununarra 1024 km
June 20 July 8 18 Kununarra to Broome 1300 km
July 9 July 15 8 Broome to Port Hedland 610 km
July 16 July 30 15 Port Hedland to Canarvan 1069 km
July 31 August 8 8 Canarvan to Geraldton  739 km
August 9 August 16 8 Proposed Uranium Mines: Part 1 815 km
August 17 August 22 6 Proposed Uranium Mines: Part 2 605 km
August 23 August 25 3 To Perth 272 km
Total 79 6336 km


We ask that, for at least the duration of the ride, all participants be committed to:
  • being an active part of the cycle community;
  • being part of an Anti Nuclear/ Environmental campaign;
  • reconciliation and Aboriginal land rights 
  • promotion of alternative energy and transport.

We are asking people to pay
  • $30 up front to go on the ride. (This is to help fund all the organisation required before the ride.)
  • $12 per day for food and for petrol for the support vehicle
  • $300 dollars minimum (25 days) before 19 May, or the full amount for the period you will be on the ride if it is less than 25 days. This money will be used to pay for non-perishable foods to be purchased before the start of the ride.
Any money and non perishable foods left over from the catering will be donated to anti nuclear campaigns around the Australia
All food prepared by the cycle will be Vegetarian or Vegan for three reasons:
  1. currently most of the people definitely coming on CANC 2 are vegetarian or vegan anyway; 
  2. we won't have any way to store meat in the heat of the tropics and desert;
  3. most of aspects of the meat industry are not environmentally sustainable
But we encourage anyone, vegetarian or not, to be involved.
We will have a support vehicle to carry food, water, campaign materials and other general equipment. 
You have to carry all your own things (see the web page after 1 April for more detail on what you need)

People will have to make their own way to where they join the ride and where they leave, but closer to the starting date we may be able to organise car pooling or a group booking on a bus or air line.

Also any of the people interested in the ride who live in Sydney, it would be great to see you at the meeting this Sunday the 19th of March, at the Wilderness Society, level 1, 263 Broadway, Glebe.
If else has time to devote to the setting up of the ride, please let me know. We urgently need assistance with letter writing to sponsors and many other things.
0414 604 641
0411 785 621
0401 064 945 (c/o-  Rachell)

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