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This is a collection of my LEGO(tm) stuff, mostly LDraw models. If you want images, why not try The Official Lego Homepage. Or perhaps the amazing worlds of Todd Lehman, lugnet and Auczilla, both of which are worth looking at. LDraw is a cool tool. You can get it from homepage.

New 2014:

New 2012: sifting Lego

New 2011:

Some comments on storage of Technic Lego The enduring obsession of people who actually try to play with their Lego - how do you store it such that it doesn't take up too much space, but you can still get at it all when you feel so inclined?

Some of my LDraw models to download:

I built an infra-red remote control for my Lego a few years ago. Complex, but fun. Now largely overtaken by Mindstorms, but such is progress. Here's an outline of what I did.

And the electrically controlled pneumatic valves were a great idea, but they cost rather a lot.

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