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Bobcat Model

Here are the LDraw files for you to look at. Much easier to follow, but not as pretty. Included are two very crude sketches of new parts - the geared down motor and the large digger bucket from 8459. The 30.4x14 tyre has its own zip file now. And download the bobcat zip file. At this stage (Feb 2000) I no longer have L3P or Povray on the machine, so these are just images I happen to have lying round.

L3P is my latest toy - a cool tool by Lars C. Hassing (a translator from LDraw to POV-Ray format).

Ok, my current model is "something that works" - in this case a small digger. It's modelled on the tiny skid-steer loaders I see in town, and known here by the brand name "bobcat". This has four of the new geared motors in it to provide control (guess who's really hanging out for his Mindstorms stuff to arrive...).

(yes, the wheels are scaled down versions of the 24x43 ones.)

Note that there are a few places where I've used the stock 24T gear where you should use either the 24T bevel gear or the 24T slip gear. The latter is shown in white, but the bevels are up to you to work out.