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Cordless Drill Based bike lights

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I had an old, old Panasonic 12V cordless drill that I bought over from NZ when I moved. Buying a new one, I discovered that the batteries are compatible. Whee! I can use my old, stuffed, NiCd batteries in my new drill! Or, the new batteries in my old drill, since that still worked well. The thing is that a new pair of batteries plus a chargers is the same cost as a new drill set.

I decided to cut the handle off my old drill and use that as the basis of a lighting rig for my new Kotzur bike. The advantages are a fast charge (45 minutes max), high power (can draw 50W without trashing the battery), and reliability (snap-in battery on the bike, low complexity of operation).

We can buy second hand drills without batteries from a local dodgy dealer for about $AUS80, which is the only bit that is actually necessary in quantity - one per bike (that can be a lot for some of us, ok). The batteries and charger are fine, generally I only use one bike at a time so one battery is enough.

Aside from the battery and mount, everything is as per the 12V halogen light page.